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About Purple Panda

Purple Panda is a website that helps you to learn Chinese with the help of Chinese language flashcards in Australia. It is a proven fact that you learn faster when you are engaged in an activity, it is even better if the activity is fun. We have applied this idea to our intelligent flash card Chinese learning apps. Our Chinese flashcards apps for the iPhone are a fun way to learn Chinese because they have sound files for all the Chinese vocabulary and stroke order animations for all the Chinese characters. Also, our apps are intelligent because they keep track of the words you find most difficult and automatically make sure these are the words your practice most often.

The apps are based on popular Chinese textbooks (such as the New Practical Chinese Reader and Integrated Chinese) or they can be customized to suit the curriculum needs of individual teachers and schools. The apps are not designed to replace the teacher or the textbook, but provide students with a highly practical and engaging way to practice the vocabulary they learn in class. The benefit of our apps is that you get to learn Chinese more quickly as your brain is more receptive to repetitive image based learning.

Although there are many different pedagogical approaches for teaching Mandarin to non-native speakers, at the end of the day learning to read and write Chinese characters requires hard work and commitment. Our apps are designed to make your job easier by allowing you to practice what you like, when you like, where you like and at the pace you like. For example, you may be preparing for a test and only want to practice the words from one particular lesson or chapter – our apps makes this as easy as pie. Also, our Chinese character flash cards are a valuable teaching aid for teachers in Australia. Teachers can spend more time in class focusing on grammar and correct usage, confident that when students leave the class they will have the tools necessary to effectively practice speaking, writing and reading what they learn in class.

In addition to our intelligent flashcards for the New Practical Chinese Reader and Integrated Chinese textbooks, we also offer HSK Flashcards to assist students prepare for the official Chinese language proficiency test (HSK) in Australia. HSK is a standardized language test for non-native speakers in China.

Because our apps are designed for the iPhone you get the convenience of mobility: you can practice on the go and each time you practice you automatically resume from where you left off.

Finally, in addition to Chinese flash cards Purple Panda AU gives you free access to its unique best Chinese idioms dictionary, another great learning tool to help you master the Chinese language and communicate like a native speaker.

So, no matter how diverse your needs, when it comes to learning Chinese we have the right solution for you. Join us today and discover how easy we make it for you to learn Chinese, at your own pace and at your own preferred level of learning.

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