Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
Purple Panda is a company established by Swinburne University for the purpose of commercialising Chinese language learning software developed at the university. Purple Panda develops software tools to make it easier for people to learn Chinese and English. We have already had some great success – our software products have been licensed by Oxford University Press and The University of Melbourne.
Why should I buy your products?
  • 1. We have learnt (are still learning!) Chinese as a second language, so we know exactly what’s required to do it seriously. In fact, our software tools were developed to make our (ongoing) journey learning Chinese easier.
  • 2. We specialise in Chinese and English, so we have a deep understanding of the challenges. We make smart use of technology to address these challenges and help reduce your language learning workload.
  • 3. We shamelessly exploit the power of the iPhone to give you mobility, convenience and fantastic user interfaces.
  • 4. Our software is high quality and we sell it at a really reasonable price.
What is HSK?
The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, abbreviated as HSK, is China's only standardized test of Mandarin Chinese proficiency for non-native speakers – namely, foreign students, overseas Chinese, and members of ethnic minority groups in China. It is also known as the "Chinese Proficiency Test".
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Why can’t I view Chinese characters in my web browser?
Go to the View menu of your web browser and select Encoding or Character encoding and then select UTF-8. If the option UTF-8 is not displayed then you need to select the More sub-menu and select UTF-8 from the list.
Why can’t I see some of the Chinese Characters?
To view Chinese characters you need East Asian language files installed on your computer. Windows Vista and Windows 7 should already have East Asian files activated. If not consult your user manual. The steps for installing East Asian languages on a computer running Windows XP are detailed below:
  • 1. First open the Control Panel dialog box by clicking on the Start button, and then click on Control Panel. By default the Control Panel is in the new Category View. If that is the case, click on Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options under Pick a Category. If not, you can either click on Switch to Category ViewRegional and Language Options icon to open the Regional and Language Options dialog box.
  • 2. The Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options opens. Click on Regional and Language Options under or Pick a Panel Control icon.
  • 3. You get the Regional and Language Options dialog box. Click on the Languages tab.
  • 4. You are now under the Languages tab for the Regional and Language Options dialog box. Check the box for Install East Asian Languages under Supplemental language support. Then click Apply and OK.
  • 5. Once the language files have been installed, click on the Details ... button under Text services and input languages while you are still under the Languages tab for the Regional and Language Options dialog box. You get the Text Services and Input Languages dialog box. Then click on the Add.. button under Installed services.