Intelligent Talking Flashcards: Download New Practical Chinese Reader

Intelligent Talking Flashcards: Download New Practical Chinese Reader

Learn to speak, read and write Chinese characters from the text New Practical Chinese Reader with talking flashcards, download for your iPhone (iOS) or PC

A$34.99 iOSA$34.99 PC

Mandarin Flashcards to learn to speak, read and write Chinese characters from New Practical Chinese Reader (Vol 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)

- 5 Levels; 60 Lessons; 3,349 Chinese characters and multi-character Chinese phrases
- Choose which Levels, Lessons and Words you want to practice
- Intelligent Chinese flashcards that automatically target the words you find most difficult
- Learn to speak Chinese with the native speaker sound files for every Chinese character and Chinese phrase
- Learn to write Chinese characters using the stroke order animation for every Chinese character
- Statistics and flashcard practice history to keep track of your progress
- Chinese-English Dictionary with over 10,000 common Chinese characters and Chinese phrases
- Technology licensed to Oxford University Press (London and Hong Kong)
- Used by students learning Chinese at The University of Western Australia


Click iOS to purchase the App for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
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Split over five different lessons, you can use this new practical Chinese app to hear Chinese words and learn them as well. It is one of the best apps for learning this language and it has an extremely smooth design integrated into it. You will be able to split your lesson over a series of steps and go over them meticulously. You can install it on your iPhone and revise your lesson as and when you feel the need to do so. This app is used by students in Western Australia who desire to master their skills in the Chinese language.
Chinese is considered to be a tough language to learn. However, with a well designed learning plan and various difficulty levels, this app will make it easier for you to be fluent in Chinese.

OFFER TO TEACHERS OF CHINESE: We can customize our app with your vocabulary exclusively for your students for FREE for all over the world and specially for Austrlia.

BULK PURCHASES: There is a discount for purchases of 20 or more units of the PC App