Intelligent Talking Flashcards: Ace Your HSK Exam with Flashcards

Intelligent Talking Flashcards: Ace Your HSK Exam with Flashcards

Learn to speak, read & write all the Chinese covered in the HSK Test with talking flashcards for your iPhone or iPad (iOS)

If you are looking to pass your HSK test, this is the app that will come in handy. It has been programmed in a manner that is sure to help you learn Chinese in the finest manner.  When you download this app, you will be able to extract full use of the benefits. It is one of the finest ways of learning Chinese language. Not only will this app help you learn the Chinese words, but you will be able to master the art of speaking the language in the right tone and you will be able to write Chinese letters fluently as well. By these talking flashcards, you will be able to improve your vocabulary significantly and the flexibility this app offers is worth a round of appreciation.

A$19.99 iOS

Mandarin flashcards to prepare for the HSK Exam and learn to speak, read and write all Chinese characters in the HSK Proficiency Test

- All 8,450 Chinese characters and multi-character Chinese compounds covered by the HSK Chinese Test
- Build gradually, starting with the most common Chinese words and expressions
- Only introduce new words when you’re ready for them
- Intelligent Chinese flashcards that focus on the characters you find most difficult
- Flexibility to limit the number or words being learnt
- Learn to speak Chinese with the native speaker sound files for every HSK Chinese character and compound
- Learn to write Chinese characters using the stroke order animation for every HSK Chinese character
- Statistics and flashcard practice history to keep track of your progress
- Chinese-English Dictionary to look up the English meaning of any HSK Chinese character or expression
- Technology licensed to Oxford University Press (London and Hong Kong)

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OFFER TO TEACHERS OF CHINESE: We can customize our app with your vocabulary exclusively for your students for FREE for all over the world and specially for Australia.