Intelligent Talking Flashcards: Contemporary Chinese

Intelligent Talking Flashcards: Contemporary Chinese

Learn to speak, read and write Chinese from the online text Contemporary Chinese with our talking flashcards for your iPhone or iPad (iOS)

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Learn to speak, read & write the Chinese vocabulary covered in the online course Contemporary Chinese


- 45 Lessons; 1,880 characters and multi-character componds
- Choose which Level(s), Lesson(s) or Word(s) you want to practice
- Flashcards that automatically target the words you find most difficult
- Native speaker sound files for every word and expression
- Stroke order animation for every Chinese character
- Statistics and flashcard practice history to keep track of your progress
- Chinese-English Dictionary to look up the English meaning of over 10,000 common Chinese characters and compounds
- Technology licensed to Oxford University Press (London and Hong Kong)
- Used at Monash University (Australia) (

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