in for a penny in for a pound to kill two birds with one stone no pain, no gain hang by a thread / hang by a single hair
not worth a red cent / not worth a tinker's damn / not worth a brass razoo / not worth a cracker once bitten, twice shy mean and stingy / tight fisted / clam fisted clear at a glance / crystal clear
a stone's throw away / just around the corner light at the end of the tunnel / a glimmer of hope lock, stock and barrel / the whole box and dice lend a hand
hit the nail on the head / hit the mark / get to the crux of the matter on the same page look before you leap ill gotten gains
a free lunch / a free ride in the bag by hook or by crook / use every trick in the book not afraid to ask for help
spare no effort / go all out / go eyes out / pull out all the stops absentminded / scatterbrained the pot calling the kettle black not worldly-wise
rule with an iron fist / rule with an iron rod / keep a firm hold on the reins bite the hand that feeds you an eye for an eye / tit for tat / a tooth for a tooth / eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth not enough to go around
the early bird catches the worm when in Rome, do as the Romans do take one's courage in both hands / screw up one's courage / pluck up one's courage / take one's life in one's hands the tip of the iceberg
as scarce as hen's teeth gobsmacked / dumbstruck / could have been knocked down with a feather / flabbergasted / dumbfounded rise to the top of the pile / make a mark / make a lasting impression go back on one's word
have a sharp tongue / a sharp-tongued person have an axe to grind / have an ulterior motive be blinded by money produce bright ideas / generate ground breaking ideas
fail to get across the line a waste of time jockey for position cover the field / go the whole nine yards
Tweedledee and Tweedledum / six of one, half dozen of the other / it's as broad as it's long throw in the towel / show the white flag a fountain of knowledge on a slippery slope
call the shots shoot one's mouth off pick apart / pick holes in slow on the uptake / not the full quid
flat broke / not have a penny to one's name / not have a bean / not have two pennies to rub together / not a brass farthing become gun shy change with the times have ants in one's pants
a storm in a teacup / a tempest in a teapot / much ado about nothing to strut one's stuff rain cats and dogs / rain pitchforks / rain star rods brass monkey weather / cold enough to freeze the ears off a brass monkey
a carbon copy count one's chickens before they hatch move ahead in leaps and bounds a weight off one's shoulders / a load off one's mind
put all one's eggs in one basket / one last best shot waiting for something to fall into one's lap a bad egg / a rotten apple well known / a household name
cast pearls before swine make a mountain out of a molehill / make a drama (out) of / make a meal (out) of in a never ending stream in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
rise rapidly from the ranks / skyrocket to fame move up in the world / rapidly climb the social ladder run of the mill be led astray
a lot of hard work for nothing / beat the wind get an inch and take a mile let it go to one's head / have one's head turned by success / get a big head pleased as punch / tickled pink
beauty is in the eye of the beholder pull a long face / knit one's brows (with worry) tip off the enemy beat about the bush
stir up a hornet's nest risk one's neck risk life and limb drop one's guard / lower one's guard
pull the wool over someone's eyes kid oneself on tenterhooks flush money down the toilet / hose money down the drain
sow dragon's teeth / sow the seeds of disaster a chance to shine a new broom sweeps clean sever all ties
out of the blue / a bolt from the blue pull a few strings / get in through the back door follow in one's father's footsteps save for a rainy day
let the tail wag the dog / the tail is wagging the dog kill the goose that lays the golden eggs run all over the place / rush to and fro / go every which way a blind alley / a dead-end street
make an example of a drop in the ocean / a drop in the bucket fish for fame and compliments be all ears
a needle in a haystack fish in muddy waters keep one's nose clean add fuel to the fire
work around the clock leave no stone unturned make bricks without straw there is no smoke without fire / where there is smoke there is fire
a cat on a hot tin roof / a monkey on a stick / a cat on hot bricks / on pins and needles love money more than life itself birds of a feather (flock together) / like attracts like swim against the tide / go against the flow
what is done is done / a done deal what is done cannot be undone thieves and whores allow some margin for error / leave some room to manoeuvre
pie in the sky / a flight of fancy work one's fingers to the bone / work one's tail off reach the acme / reach the top of the tree in its prime / at its height
never say die there is honour among thieves out of sight, out of mind lie through one's teeth
cross the Rubicon / burn one's bridges / burn one's boats / go for broke only get out what one puts in work oneself into the ground / run oneself into the ground act as a go-between
milk the bull / plough the sand rack one's brains / cudgel one's brains pay no heed to (something) / let it fall on deaf ears take the bull by the horns / tackle a problem head on
scared stiff / scared to death / trembling with fear live in fantasyland / live in lala land / live in never-never land / be in cloud-cuckoo-land talk a load of rubbish / talk nonsense / talk through one's hat / talk out the back of one's neck / be full of hot air chase rainbows / engage in wishful thinking
too big for one's boots / too big for one's britches reap what one sows / make one's bed and have to lie in it / lie in the bed one has made be asking for trouble / be looking for trouble / make life difficult for oneself take the bait / rise to the bait
shoot oneself in the foot an act of God reap what one has sown / one's chickens come home to roost / come back to haunt one / come back to bite one / return to haunt one get one's just deserts
feather one's own nest (have) one foot in the grave don't cry over spilt milk / it is no use crying over spilt milk trim one's sails (to the wind)
turn a blind eye and a deaf ear turn a blind eye / look the other way speak with a forked tongue to the point / without mincing words
shed (or weep) crocodile tears bite off more than one can chew completely down and out to run into bad luck
strike while the iron is hot / make hay while the sun shines be all high and mighty / get on one's high horse set the cat among the pigeons / (make) huge waves / (cause) a mighty uproar a carrot and stick approach
give someone a wide berth / steer clear of someone the grass is always greener on the other side (of the fence) between a rock and a hard place / in a jam on the horns of a dilemma / in a quandary
go down the same road to ruin / repeat the same mistakes cut one's coat according to the cloth all that glitters is not gold plug away
(do or operate) in a vacuum pigs might fly / when pigs fly go with the flow / drift with the tide / run with the pack buy a pig in a poke
tar with the same brush let the cat out of the bag flip-flop as plain as day / as plain as the nose on one's face / as plain as a pack staff
like greased lightening / like a bullet / like a rocket / like the wind / like a blue streak / like blazes on one's last legs beggars can't be choosers / can't be too picky street gossip / gossip on the street / the word on the street
panic like a rabbit caught in the headlights / panic like a deer caught in the headlights a bag of bones / (nothing but) skin and bones a cut above (the rest) the sky is the limit / can go a long way / have a bright future
a pipe dream / (live in) a fool's paradise all hands on deck / all hands to the pumps stick to one's knitting stick one's neck out / put one's head on the block
a bird in the hand (is worth two in the bush) take a beating / take a hammering (don't) wake a sleeping dog / let sleeping dogs lie (reopen) old wounds
make a silk purse out of a sow's ear have one's cake and eat it too / eat one's cake and have it too you can lead a horse to water (but you cannot make it drink) overkill / not need a sledgehammer to crack a nut
add insult to injury outstanding moral fibre muddy the waters lead (someone) up the garden path
flog a dead horse / beat a dead horse / beat one's head against a brick wall skate on thin ice throw the baby out with the bathwater go off the rails
make a rod for one's back fish or cut bait / piss or get off the pot burn the midnight oil keep one's options open
(shut the gate after) the horse has already bolted bear fruit go to the wall / hit the wall / go bust / go belly-up carry the can / be made a scapegoat
a cock and bull story long in the tooth completely stumped (come) within an ace / (come) within an inch
water under the bridge / water over the dam roll with the punches go nowhere claim to fame
fly off the handle / blow one's stack / blow a gasket / blow a fuse sing from the same hymn book / sing the same tune / sing from the same song sheet a brick short of a load / one sandwich short of a picnic / not playing with a full deck / only nine pence to the shilling thick as two short planks / thick as a brick / dead from the neck up / brain dead
one in a hundred thin on the ground / few and far between thick on the ground / a plentiful supply be true to one's word / one's word is one's bond
cut from the same cloth be at the end of one's tether / be at the end of one's rope widely read / well versed shilly shally / dilly dally / dither
go at it hammer and tongs make a great fanfare jump for joy (as like as) peas in a pod
dizzy with joy a wild goose chase grin from ear to ear / beam with smiles / grin (smile) like a Cheshire cat / be all smiles sow (the seeds of) discord / create a rift
be as stubborn as a mule all roads lead to Rome / all rivers run to the sea prick up one's ears run around in circles / go around in circles
as pure as the driven snow play by the rules lay bare with a single remark work a miracle / perform miracles
have (got) one's head in the clouds hoist by one's own petard the cream of the crop / the pick of the bunch a dime a dozen / ten a penny / as cheap as chips
all hell has broken loose brothers in arms top notch / first rate / top drawer be pigheaded
come clean toe the line not own a thing in the world / not have a cent to one's name trim one's sails / tighten one's belt
pick and choose / be picky pull a rabbit out of a hat (be like) taking candy from a baby / (be like) shooting fish in a barrel in one ear and out the other
a feather in one's cap fight like cat and dog (look like) something the cat dragged in (play) cat and mouse
be happy with one's lot when the cat's away, the mice will play (open) a can of worms let the genie out of the bottle
split hairs curry favour / like someone's boots / butter up keep one's eyes peeled (skinned) / keep one's eyes open in hot water
do (something) like there is no tomorrow / do (something) like it is going out of fashion clueless / not have a clue seem completely at sea / seem all at sea be at loggerheads
daylight robbery / highway robbery have a screw loose / not all there a snake in the grass a wolf in a sheep's clothing
not have a clue poke one's nose in / stick one's nose in lose one's bearings / lose one's way shed some light on / throw some light on
put (something) on the line in a bind / in a spot of bother / in (a bit of) a pickle below the surface / beneath the surface a black sheep (of the family)
leave (someone) in the lurch be like a bull in a china shop / be like a bull at a gate catch (someone) in the act / catch (someone) red handed hit the jackpot
tie oneself up in knots / trip oneself up a last ditch effort / a last ditch stand baseless gossip / unfounded nonsense put up a brave face / put on a brave face
keep one's distance a low life vanish into thin air / disappear off the face of the earth break someone's heart
a son of a bitch / a son of a gun / a bastard a narrow escape / dodge a bullet a happy turn of events on the tip of one's tongue
(like) a red rag to a bull resort to power politics the blind leading the blind on the blink
lose money hand over fist stay on the straight and narrow do single handed / fly solo chicken hearted / yellow bellied
be at odds with (something) hand (something) over on a silver platter / serve (something) up on a plate know (off) by heart a spent force
beat someone at their own game spoiled (spoilt) rotten be never ending / be piling up / coming in quick succession lay low / keep a low profile
have (only) oneself to blame / have oneself to thank two faced / double faced / double tongued (barely) scratch the surface outsmart oneself
like a lamb to the slaughter get a new lease of life stuck up / full of oneself / snooty an old adage / a Sunday school truth
cut and run / head for the hills / take to one's heels put one's head in the lion's mouth keep one's mouth shut not clear cut
self centred do by the book a sitting duck make money hand over fist
wolf down / gobble up put oneself in another's shoes bear the brunt (of) work at cross purposes
tip somebody off full steam ahead / flat out / full throttle hang one's head (in shame) play with fire
more bang for one's buck / more bounce for the ounce make a clean break completely write-off crash and burn
throw one's weight around / act the bully be kindred spirits / be kindred souls / be soul mates nothing comes close / without equal fight a hopeless battle / fight a losing battle
packed (together) like sardines / packed to the rafters / jam packed take the gloves off / the gloves are off blow up in one's face / explode in one's face (come or be) under fire
get (have) cold feet / loose one's nerve / have second thoughts a double edged sword / cuts both ways eat one's words eat humble pie / eat crow
be up to one's neck (in something) (feel) under the weather / (feel) off colour like death warmed up / as sick as a dog recharge one's batteries
as fit as a fiddle / fighting fit / as right as rain / as fit as a flea kick the bucket / fall off the perch / shuffle off one's mortal coil a bitter pill to swallow have itchy feet
feel out of sorts / be not quite right down in the dumps / down in the mouth grin and bear it / suffer in silence (not) the end of the world
ruffle someone's feathers / get someone's back up give someone an earful / give someone a piece of your mind rub someone up the wrong way come a cropper / bite the dust
ring a bell get (hold of) the wrong end of the stick ring the changes out of touch
(provide) food for thought set the record straight / explain the truth of the matter a red herring do the trick / do the job
clutch at straws / grasp at straws not all it's cracked up to be (not) up to scratch / (not) up to par / (not) up to the mark have a thick skin / be thick skinned
embarrassed at the drop of a hat play second fiddle to (someone) fight tooth and nail play fast and loose
get one's fingers burned (burnt) / burn one's fingers take (someone) to the cleaners be taken to the cleaners what is sauce for the goose (is sauce for the gander)
cook the books have (got) a bee in one's bonnet bear in mind / keep in mind on an even keel
get off on the wrong foot not put a foot wrong put one's foot down get off on the right foot
have a foot in both camps cannot make up one's mind put one's foot down / step on the gas / put the pedal to the metal one's bark is worse than one's bite
it never rains but it pours / when it rains, it pours a dark horse be completely in the dark take a shot in the dark / take a stab in the dark / make a wild guess
thank one's lucky stars / thank the heavens (treat like) water off a duck's back as clear as mud cannot make head nor tail of / unable to fathom
go halves / split fifty-fifty neither fish nor fowl / neither one nor the other not see eye to eye beyond hope / beyond cure / terminally ill
pure and simple / purely and simply / one hundred percent / out and out / thorough-going (still) wet behind the ears / not yet dry behind the ears too young to know (better) spoiling for a fight
play someone for a fool (as) cunning as a fox / a wily (old) fox / (as) sly as a fox drop a clanger / drop a brick / let it slip lose one's marbles
keep an eye on / keep one's eye on aid and abet mull over / chew over / chew the cud / turn over in the mind / muse on stab (someone) in the back
jump at the chance muddleheaded / addlebrained / woolly headed / unable to think straight / in a muddle one's head is spinning have bats in the belfry
caught napping (catch napping) / caught unawares (catch unawares) / caught off guard (catch off guard) / caught with one's pants down / caught with one's trousers down / caught on the hop (catch on the hop) mend one's ways make a fresh start (in life) brush aside
come to light come up trumps in ruddy health be in two minds
blow it / blow one's chances / let a golden opportunity slip think outside the box / think out of the box have the Midas touch a song and dance
kick up a fuss / kick up a storm / kick up a stink give a lukewarm reception no rhyme nor reason / without rhyme or reason at a loss for words / lost for words
a babe in the woods at each other's throat / at one another's throat filled with dread ugly as sin
not take into account think on one's feet have a brain wave cut the Gordian knot
more than equal to the task get butterflies in one's stomach sure fire cross swords (with someone)
be duty bound be in the eye of the storm / be in the teeth of the storm have a run of bad luck / be down on one's luck a tightwad / a skinflint / a scrooge / a miser
play the fool / act the fool the proof of the pudding (is in the eating) slow and steady wins the race slowly but surely
a stitch in time (saves nine) lick one's wounds lie down on the job / shirk responsibility have somebody eating out of one's hand / have someone in the palm of one's hand
have a heart of stone / hard hearted on the edge of one's seat / on the edge of one's chair go the extra mile in the pipeline
small beer / small potatoes / small fry small fry back on track / back on the rails dig oneself a (deeper) hole / dig a (deeper) hole for oneself / dig oneself into a hole / dig a hole for oneself
all's fair in love and war a leap in the dark batten down the hatches put one's best foot forward
bells and whistles (hit) below the belt / (behave) ungentlemanly be Machiavellian out with the old, in with the new
get all worked up over nothing / work oneself into a lather over nothing come to the fore (run) a tight ship repeat parrot fashion
realise one's dreams reach for the sky / reach for the stars the rules of the game fall short
draw on past experience bellyache (about nothing) too little, too late idle away one's time
get away scot-free / get off scot-free / beat the rap tiptoe around someone / walk on eggshells a clean conscience / a clear conscience play a straight bat / play fair / play it straight
give one's undivided attention feel ill at ease at one (with nature or the world) lifelike / true to life
get to the root of (something) root and branch (look) hangdog / (look) sheepish guide step by step
as solid as the rock of Gibraltar as solid as a rock / rock solid blood is thicker than water get on like a house on fire / take to each other at once
work by fits and starts without fear or favour / evenhanded nip in the bud overworked
become a laughing stock forewarned is forearmed play political games / play politics (one can) bet one's boots / (one can) bet one's bottom dollar / (one can) bet one's shirt
round up the whole gang in one fell swoop come away empty handed speak as one / speak with one voice be snowed under
soldier on refuse to face (the) facts bludge (off others) go to the ends of the earth / go to the four corners of the earth / crawl (on hands and knees) over broken glass
fed up / miffed / ticked off be dog tired / completely spent / played out (to be) at peace (with oneself) / not have a care in the world have knots in one's stomach
to die in the last ditch / to fight to the death (as) drunk as a skunk / (as) full as a tick Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me born with a silver spoon in one's mouth
trump up charges to turn the tables on one's accuser be tight lipped bite one's tongue / hold one's peace / hold one's tongue the ends of the earth
bring home the bacon blot one's copy book / tarnish one's reputation a gleam in one's eye / a twinkle in one's eye not budge an inch / not give an inch / not give any ground
break the mould a motley crew / an unruly mob (or rabble) have a field day too good to be true
leave the door open (left) out in the cold out-dated / outmoded / yesterday's news stick in one's craw / stick in one's throat
in the blink of an eye / in the twinkling of an eye / as quick as a wink one's heart's content hurl abuse / hurl invective (changed) beyond recognition
a bookworm the truth will come to light be watertight tight as a drum / waterproof / watertight
not know whether to laugh or cry a hard nut to crack over staffed make light of
litmus test / touchstone with relish cut to the chase / not beat about the bush fight amongst oneselves
a horde (of people) / an endless stream (of traffic) return dripping in gold go downhill / go to hell in a handbasket / go to the dogs a lame duck
clinging to the past / (stuck) in a rut follow a well worn path / follow the beaten track bring home the bacon (like getting) a camel through the eye of a needle / (like getting) blood from a stone
a jack of all trades (and master of none) half-baked (idea or scheme) / harebrained (idea or scheme) where there is a will, there is a way the best of both worlds
one gets out what one puts in old habits die hard / bad habits die hard love me, love my dog / love someone warts and all secretly woo
calm in the crisis on all sides time flies unable to explain away
no holds barred ups and downs of life / vicissitudes of life risk-free hit the ceiling / stamp with fury
talk the hind leg off a dog / talk the hind leg off a donkey / talk a blue streak ill gotten, ill spent / what goes around comes around do some (serious) soul searching / take a long hard look at oneself found a new school of thought
make amends on a par with (someone or something) / be level pegging a breach of decorum crave the limelight / want to be in the spotlight
armed to the teeth not to be outdone cannot stand to be in the same room with (someone) / hate (someone) with a passion part (company) on bad terms / storm off in high dudgeon
maintain the status quo not up with the times / out of touch with the times a gate crasher a knight in shining armour
get one's knickers in a knot / get one's knickers in a twist (come to) the end of the road / (sound) the death knell turn sour (go sour) with one's tail between one's legs
have the knack / know the ropes / know tricks of the trade fly the flag / wave the flag two heads are better than one flash in the pan / short-lived
a license to print money everything bar the kitchen sink none too pleased baffled / bemused / nonplussed / at a loss
gain the upper hand / steal a march (on someone) pull rank (on someone) beggars belief / far-fetched way off beam / wide of the mark / miss the mark
at the top of the heap (pile) / one of the top dogs / in the upper echelons catch someone's eye be caught in the crossfire change horses midstream / swap horses midstream
chaf at the bit / champ at the bit one must brook no delay / something must be done post-haste play a practical joke / yank someone's chain / play a prank change one's tune
cheap at twice the price cheek by jowl (any or every) Tom, Dick or Harry a second bite of the cherry / another bite at the cherry / two bites at the cherry
all chiefs and no Indians / too many chiefs and not enough Indians take (it) on the chin (keep one's) chin up / (keep one's) pecker up a mixed blessing
make a mockery (of something or someone) / make a monkey (of someone) money for jam / money for old rope not (something) to be taken lightly mix and match
(have) a monkey on one's back a den of iniquity hidden talent jump at shadows
work hand in glove / work in concert bumper to bumper (traffic) / wall to wall (traffic) worn out, old clichés chase one's dreams
turn on someone all-powerful thumb one's nose (at someone) / turn up one's nose rally the troops / regroup (for battle)
a sight that makes one's heart sing have a way with words silver tongued / smooth tongued a photographic memory
show (signs of) promise hatch a (cunning) plan leap to someone's defence / take up the cudgels for a late bloomer
out of fashion / out of favour by and large the same / for all intents and purposes the same back out of / walk away from talk big
shoulder responsibility a pressing matter / top priority the cake is not worth the candle / the game is not worth the candle drift along / muddle along
bring (something) to light make an early recovery / stage a comeback (make a comeback) survey the scene take charge
from the sublime to the ridiculous be high-handed do a roaring trade rock the boat
on the rocks rob Peter to pay Paul it's not rocket science roll up one's sleeves
a rule of thumb a diamond in the rough a rough diamond / rough around the edges (come) rain or shine / come rain, come shine
every cloud has a silver lining rough and ready rough and ready a rolling stone (gathers no moss)
actions speak louder than words take it one step at a time hide one's light under a bushel (come) hell or high water
go hell for leather not a snowball's chance in hell / not have a cat in hell chance / not have a dog's chance / not have a hope (chance) in hell carry weight in hot pursuit
under a cloud a bad omen / a cloud on the horizon be worried sick / pull one's hair out / (about to) tear one's hair out dead meat / in more trouble than the early settlers
the dead of night the dead of winter dead to the world a dead cat bounce
(for) donkey's years in the doghouse just what the doctor ordered a dead duck
(take to) like a duck to water knock on wood / touch wood the luck of the draw worth one's (its) weight in gold
dead wood (get back) in the black shifty-looking you can't make an omelette (omelet) without breaking (some) eggs / you have got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette (omelet)
a do or die effort / fight like there is no tomorrow take a rain check words of wisdom have verbal diarrhoea / jabber on and on / talk one's head off
at sixes and sevens kid around / clown around fly the coop casual acquaintance
be true to oneself lack of moral fibre heartfelt words / words from the bottom of one's heart go separate ways
detest what has come of the world sit at the table as equals travel-stained / travel-weary / travel-worn (and weary) get to the root of the problem / strike at the root of the trouble
a truly great man in vogue a marvel to behold / a sight to behold set the stage for trouble in the future
storm off in a huff all in vain burning with passion give no quarter / show no mercy
hold one's ground / stick to one's guns live the life of Reilly fair-minded spoilt (spoiled) brats
broad minded / open minded rest easy fiddle while Rome burns play favourites / treat with favour
doubting Thomas Mr Nice Guy have a high opinion of oneself / think highly of oneself as the name implies (or suggests)
see in a new light be (remain) above suspicion open and aboveboard (shot) full of holes
set (start) tongues wagging live beyond one's means / unable to make (both) ends meet Day of Judgement / judgement day move on to greener pastures / move to new pastures
forever and a day / forever and ever / until the end of time throw on the scrap heap much of a muchness mentally uplifting
homesick vent one's spleen have a change of heart
point of view (many) different points of view out of harm's way perseverance spells success
a different kettle of fish / a world of difference diametrically opposed there to make up the numbers dogged determination
fair and square lack good taste If one plays with fire, one gets burnt (burned) cover (up) one's tracks
have (got) a good eye (for something) (from) far and wide / (from) all corners of the earth a trade secret point a finger at (someone)
make headway hem and haw tried and tested / tried and trusted / tried and true not lift a finger / not lift a hand (not lend a hand)
awe-inspiring a crisis point hook, line and sinker have (got) designs on
playboy / coxcomb (cockscomb) / a dandy (suddenly) see the light the light (suddenly) dawns scared out of one's mind / frightened out of one's wits